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Tom Davia

A trusted expert on world film sales, acquisitions & distribution, as well as the programming, management & strategies for film festivals, Tom Davia is a seasoned veteran of the international entertainment industry. This past year he launched Miami-based CineMaven Media and regularly attends film festivals & markets around the globe scouting for new content. Tom not only understands what makes a good, sellable film, but how to best deliver cutting-edge cinematic content to the global marketplace. His expertise comes from an impressive roster of key positions at film organizations worldwide, including Shoreline Entertainment and the Sundance, Dubai, Miami and Atlanta film festivals, among many others. A veritable "global nomad" born abroad and raised in the Philippines, Pakistan, Paraguay, Thailand, Greece and a few other countries, Tom brings a multinational focus and sensibility to his work, and enthusiastically believes that film is a universal language for all peoples.


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