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Panels 2014

Tuesday, 25 November

Film Music Session 
In Partnership with Tallinn Music Week and film music master-class of Estonian Music Development Centre (EMAK)

From Features to Television: Collaboration Between the US and Northern Europe
In partnership with Estonian Film Institute synergy training programme

In the recent years creative collaboration between Hollywood, the US independent sector and Northern Europe has intensified dramatically. The panel brings together executives from various Hollywood and independent production studios from the US discussing case studies, requirements and possibilities for regional players entering the US film sector.

Jessica Switch, Director of Development, Lionsgate, USA
Jeff Barry & Nigel Meiojas, Talent Agents, ICM Partners, USA
Alexandre Philippe, Director, Cinema Vertige, Switzerland-USA
Moderated by Katie Holly, Producer, Blinder Films, Ireland


Doing it Right: Secrets of East-Asian Film Biz

The East Asian film industries have firmly set their ground on global filmmaking, sparking interest for co-productions and remakes, as well as using talents and production services. Also, East Asian majors and independents alike have been eager in seeking new shooting locations, financing and production opportunities abroad that have testified the success of several productions of Chinese and South Korean film productions in Europe.

The panel brings top level sales and festival executives from Hong Kong and South Korea to Tallinn to reveal through case studies what local producers have to keep in mind when entering the Asian market and business collaboration.

Jeffrey Chan, CEO, Distribution Workshop, Hong Kong
Judy Ahn, Head of International, Showbox/MediaPlex Entertainment, South Korea
Susan Chae, Head of Asian Project Market, Busan International Film Festival, South Korea
Moderated by Sten-Kristian Saluveer, Industry@Tallinn, Estonia


Can You Really Fix it in the Post? Setting up the Successful Post Production Workflow
In partnership with Baltic Event

International co-productions and production services have increasingly opened the possibilities for small and medium sized post houses and producers alike for overseas post-production collaboration. Yet, the standards and requirements brought on by working with industry heavyweights from the US and Europe have often remained unexplained, generating issues for production management and quality.

The panel features case studies of international productions and discussion with celebrated post supervisors from the US, Finland and Estonia on how to effectively set up and handle international post production projects and workflows such as the case study of Spring.

Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead, Directors, Moorhead-Benson, USA
Marko Post, CEO, FrostFX, Estonia
Toni Valla, Managing Director, Post Control Helsinki, Finland
Tuomo Hintikka, VFX Supervisor, Post Control Helsinki, Finland
James Reyes, Editor, Light Iron, New York, USA
Moderated by Helen Vinogradov, Creative Producer, Estonia-Finland


Film Music Estonia Showcase & Reception @Estonian National Broadcasting

Estonian Post Production & Production Service Night @ Nafta Films
The inaugural post production and production service night and party of Industry@Tallinn hosted by Estonian production company Nafta Films.

Wednesday, 26 November

European Genre Forum Pilot 2014
In partnership with Goethe-Institute Creative Camp Tallinn, Screen Division (France), Fantastic Zagreb FF (Croatia) & Night Visions FF (Finland)

European Genre Forum pilot is a brand new initiative by the Black Nights FF (Estonia), Fantastic Zagreb FF (Croatia), Night Visions FF (Finland) and Screen Division agency (France) aiming to promote European Genre Film industry by mixing and matching the hottest up-and-coming genre film professionals with already established European industry.

The one week pilot of pitching, storytelling and entrepreneurship workshops and inspirational panels showcases 10 European talents selected by the Black Nights FF, Fantastic Zagreb, Nights Visions FF, and Screen Division with projects in development across Europe from Estonia, Latvia, Finland, France, and Spain. Joined by Visiting Talents presented by Goethe Institute the 16 up-and-coming pros will develop industry connections and give a kick to genre filmmaking in their region.


Who is Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? How to Overcome the Tension Between Public Film Funding and Genre Films

The panel brings together established genre producers and regional film fund managers to discuss why genre films have often neglected public funding and what are the recent success stories and case studies in funding genre films with popular appeal.

Martina Petrovic, Croatian Film Institute, Croatia
Finnish Film Institute, speaker tba, Finland
Garrick Dion, Producer, Bron Studios, Canada-USA
Katie Holly, Producer, Blinder Films, Ireland
Moderated by Sten-Kristian Saluveer, Industry@Tallinn, Estonia-Japan


Make it Big! Building the Festival and Sales Strategy for Your Production

Building a strong festival and sales strategy for your title can literally determine the life or death of the completed title. Hear from the leaders of the international festival and sales community how to develop a successful promotion and festival strategy and how to maximize the release potential of your film.

Annick Mahnert, CEO, Screen Division, France
Yohann Comte,Deputy Head of Sales, Gaumont, France
Lindsay Peters, Director of Frontieres Co-Production Market, Canada
Mikko Aromaa, Director, Night Visions FF, Finland
Stjepan Hundic, Director, Fantastic Zagreb FF, Croatia
Chris Oosterom, Imagine Film Festival, Netherlands
Moderated by Domenico La Porta, CinEuropa, Belgium


Developing Your Talents for the Genre: Case Studies from Breakthrough Directors

Genre filmmaking often requires a variety of skills from directing, storyboarding and special effects, not to mention fundraising and sales. Learn from internationally established documentary and feature genre directors such as Alexandre Philippe (Doc of the Dead, People vs. George Lucas), and Aaron Moorhead-Justin Bensons (Resolution, Spring) how to develop your skillset whilst keeping a distinguished voice and vision in place for your international breakthrough.

Alexandre Philippe, Cinema Vertige, USA
Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead, Moorhead-Benson, USA
Moderated by Maria Reinup, Director, Haapsalu Horror & Fantasy FF, Estonia


European Genre Forum Pilot 2014. Project and Talent Pitching Session
Presented by Black Nights FF / Industry@Tallinn, Fantastic Zagreb FF, Night Visions FF & Screen Division Agency

The highlight of the European Genre Forum 2014 pilot is the inaugural pitching session of 8 fresh European Genre projects selected by the EGF partners. Come and get access to the fresh and hot projects in development across Europe from France, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Finland, and Estonia, as well as meet the best of young European genre directors and producers.


Setting Up the Studio Biz: Managing Soundstages and Studio Facilities

Northern Europe has witnessed the emergence of several new studio facilities in the recent years with several plans in the works for the Estonia and Baltics as well. But what it takes to set up a successful studio operation has quite often remained a mystery.
The panel features three executives across the US and Europe who share their experiences about developing and managing business models for diverse concepts of sound stages and studio facilities. They also give advice on technical set-ups and everyday operations.

Mitch Apley, Senior Director of Broadcast/Print Production, AbelsonTaylor, USA
Paul Thiltges, Partner, Luxembourg Studios, Luxembourg
James Reyes, Editor/Tech, Light Iron New York, USA
Moderated by John Heinsen, CEO, Bunnygraph Entertainment, USA


Baltic Event Gala Dinner @Mustpeade maja

Thursday, 27 November

Alternative Windows, Alternative Strategies During the Decline of Theatrical Sales
In partnership with Baltic Event

What are the most effective digital release strategies and tactics for indie filmmakers at the time when the profitable theatrical windows has almost ceased to exist. Listen to cutting edge case studies from international VOD companies about alternative distribution platforms and how get the most out of your digital windows. Learn more about distribution lifecycle and how to get the most of it from iTunes to Google Play as well as European public support.

Vincent Lucassen, CEO, Under the Milky Way, France
Matteo Solaro, Creative Europe MEDIA, Belgium
Patricie Pouzarova, VOD Consultant at Monoduo Films, Germany
Toomas Luhats, Television and Multimedia Acquisitions Director, Eesti Telekom, Estonia
Moderated by Paul Lilje, Strategist & Consultant, Lilje Consulting, Estonia


Industry@Tallinn Film Festival Confab 2014
Presented in Collaboration with the Independent Cinema Office (London, UK)

During the last decade the role of film festivals has changed drastically from showcases of national cinema, to sites of international business in production, sales and development of new talents and film. More recently film festivals have yet again reemerged as sites of creative industries joining the celebration of film art with a diverse range of creative and business activities from design, music, economic regeneration to tourism and more.

To celebrate the inauguration of the Black Nights Film Festival as the 15th FIAPF certified non-competitive feature film festival, and following the highly successful pilot of 2013, the Industry@Tallinn Film Festivals Confab returns again.

Presenting an inspirational selection of the movers and shakers of the international film festival circuit we will be discussing the hottest topics in the festival biz of 2014. In cooperation with UK’s Independent Cinema Office, the national organisation for development and support of independent film exhibition, with a longstanding experience in festival training, the Confab not only yields a possibility to network with industry leaders, but also provides an inspirational learning opportunity for festival and creative business practitioners alike.

Programming Festivals: Collaborating, Competition and Identity

While more and more film festivals are emerging on the “fest circuit”, the competition between international players has increased drastically. Discover how to maintain your position in the “premiere” race, yet maintain the identity of your festival.

Listen to celebrated programmers, discuss the hottest topics on the programming agenda for 2014, from strategies for programming in the race for premieres to the complex relationship between festivals and censorship.

Roberto Cueto, San Sebastian IFF, Spain
Sergio Fant, Locarno IFF, Switzerland
Eliza Subotowicz, Warsaw IFF, Poland
Ivana Novotna, Karlovy Vary IFF, Czech Republic
Nikolaj Nikitin, Berlinale FF, Germany
Moderated by Boyd Van Hoeij, The Hollywood Reporter, Luxembourg


Festivals and Sponsorships: From Patronage to Creative Partnerships

The relationship between film festivals and sponsorships has changed considerably over the past decade from patronage and promotion showcases to creative partnerships with the festival’s corporate and public partners.

What are the expectations of today’s corporate financiers and what do film festivals have to offer?
Hear from marketing and sponsorship executives from world renowned film festivals discussing their cutting edge strategies, and giving tips on establishing effective fundraising partnerships.

Neeme Kari, Development Director, Black Nights FF, Estonia
Jennifer Frees, Associate Director of Sponsorship, Toronto IFF, Canada
Mikael Fellenius, CEO, Gothenburg IFF, Sweden
Liisa Jauri, Head of Nordea Corporate Social Responsibility, Finland
Moderated by Domenico La Porta, CinEuropa


The New Role of the Film Festival: Facilitator and Integrator at the Heart of a New Economy for the Independent Film Scene

Should film festivals become industry facilitators and integrators – bringing their marketing, sponsorship and funding partners into a relationship with production, post-production and distribution, and thereby placing themselves at the heart of a new economy for the independent film scene?
How can a film festival position itself as a leading facilitator at the heart of the global film economy – from local to international brands, facilities houses and investors etc. to filmmakers, distributors and exhibitors – working together to further each others’ aims, helping with films being produced and screened through mutually beneficial partnerships, all bound together by the festival’s unique, culturally significant identity?

Malgorzata Vivancos-Palarczyk, MEDIA /Creative Europe, Belgium
Sylvia Wroblewska, Business and Marketing Director, Sheffield Doc/Fest, UK
Alessandro Raja, CEO & Founder, Festival Scope, France
Moderated by Simon Ward, Independent Cinema Office


Presentation of "Stork Flying Over Pinewood. Nordic - Baltic Film Cooperation 1989 - 2014", a book by Jan Erik Holst (Editor) @Restaurant HETK

Already from the beginning of the Singing Baltic Revolution in August 1989, the Nordic film institutes, through their umbrella organization Scandinavian Films, started to develop film cooperation between the five Nordic and three Baltic countries. Festivals, film weeks and coproductions saw the light of day in the early and mid-90's, often thanks to, and with the help of the Information Offices run by the Nordic Council of Ministers (NMR). Seminars and symposiums were organized in order to connect Nordic and Baltic film production and to develop their film policy and regulations. The background was a strong interest in Nordic culture in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, from the beginning of the revolution, partly based on the first period of independence for these nations between 1918 and 1940 within the frame of the trade cooperation with the Nordic countries across the Baltic Sea. These activities celebrated their 25th anniversary in August 2014. This book describes important cultural events, and presents many aspects of this interesting and important cooperation in the field of film.


Baltic Event Awards Gala @Town Hall

Cocktail hosted by Film Commission Poland @ D.O.M. Restaurant

Friday 28 November

18th Black Nights FF Closing Gala @ Nordea Concert Hall


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