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To The Great Wide Open

Suurde Avarusse

Year: 2009 Genre: Length: 23 minutes Country: Estonia
Director: Kaur Kokk Type: Short Status: Completed Company: Tallinn University Baltic Film And Media School

Detached from the world and other people, Elmo lives in a tiny hut where his only company is the huge pile of stuff around him. One day he is forced to pack that pile and hit the road towards a new place where to start over. But what waits him instead? We follow a big man and a tiny car on a journey where only one of those things matter in the end. Read more »


Toomik's Film

Toomiku Film

Year: 2008 Genre: Portrait Length: 78 minutes Country: Estonia
Director: Marko Raat, Heilika Võsu, Madli Lääne Type: Documentary Status: Completed Company: Allfilm

Portrait of the recognized artist Jaan Toomik in 2007, at the time when he acknowledges certain saturation with everything he has already encountered in the world of art, and starts searching for unknown challenges that would reveal to himself his sides not yet experienced – Jaan starts directing a motion picture.

. Read more »




Year: 2012 Genre: Documentary Length: 52 minutes Country: Georgia
Director: Konstantin (Mindia) Esadze Type: Status: In production Company: Gogo Lab, Millimeter Film (negotiating)

Totalizator boom has deeply penetrated the psychics of society. Representatives of all social layers, old or young, wealthy or poor, employed or unemployed, spend quite a large sum here. A person, spending money in totalizator, is called a player (gambler), because of his passion. Read more »


Town A

Gorod A

Year: 2010 Genre: Drama Length: 94 minutes Country: Kazakhstan
Director: Marina Kunarova Type: Feature Status: Completed Company: Mg Production

A long widowed mother, dedicated her life to upbringing of her daughter Renata. After Renata graduated from high school, her mother decides to find love and gets married again, but Renata does not approve mother’s choice. “New Dad” gives his stepdaughter not quite fatherly looks, but mother doesn’t want to notice it, accusing her daughter of jealousy and selfishness. Read more »


Traffic Jam


Year: 2009 Genre: Length: 12 minutes Country: Finland
Director: Arthur Franck, Oskar Forstén Type: Documentary Status: Completed Company: 4Krs Films

Some people are stuck in traffic for a living. The Documentary Traffic Jam is a peek into what goes on in the minds of two package deliverers, who sit in their cars all day long. They speak about their hopes and dreams, their frustrations and fears. Read more »


Trip To Valhalla


Year: 2008 Genre: Drama Length: 52 minutes Country: Estonia
Director: Tõnis Lepik Type: Documentary Status: Completed Company: Allfilm, Defore Film

Life is full of tragedies. One of the cruellest kind took place on September 11, 1997 in Kurkse strait, Republic of Estonia. Just as if in revenge for constant bombing by Soviet military eagles of Pakri islands and the seafloor, Neptune clasped 14 young innocent men who were also wearing military uniforms, this time of Estonian Defence Forces. Read more »




Year: 2013 Genre: Drama, Romance Length: Country: Finland
Director: Aku Louhimies Type: Status: In development Company:

Elsa (70) is dying. Her husband, Martti (72), and daughter Eleonoora (45) are struggling to accept the crushing thought that they are soon to lose her. When Anna (20), Elsa’s granddaughter, discovers a dress hanging in her grandmother’s closet, she learns it belonged to a woman named Eeva (20), her mother’s nanny, whom her grandparents have been silent about for years. Read more »


True Colors

True Colors

Year: 2009 Genre: Length: 16 minutes Country: Estonia
Director: Margus Paju Type: Short Status: Completed Company: Tallinn University Baltic Film And Media School, Nafta Films

A triangle of lonely people. A young woman in her 9th month of pregnancy is driving to the hospital by herself when she meets husband on a country road. On the way they soon find out that the car is running out of petrol. Read more »


Unable To Make Film

Ei Oska Filmi Teha

Year: 2010 Genre: Length: 18 minutes Country: Estonia
Director: Hardi Keerutaja Type: Short Status: Completed Company: Tallinn University Baltic Film And Media School

A journey to yourself. Krisjan has a privilege to direct a Film. He has an idea and together with the team he approaches the shooting. Read more »

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