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Vanishing Waves


Year: 2009 Genre: Melodrama Length: 100 minutes Country: Lithuania, France, Belgium
Director: Kristina Buožytė Type: Feature Status: Post production Company: Tremora UAB, Acajou Films

"Vanishing Waves" – a sci-fi melodrama. Following solid scientific experiment, based on the neural transfer, a young inhibited man will live an astonishing journey in the comatose woman mind. This contemporary tale is exploring the nature of desire by exposing links and contradictions between the human body and the mind. Read more »




Year: 2009 Genre: Drama Length: 100 minutes Country: Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ireland
Director: Katrin Laur, Mart Kivastik, Hannu Salonen Type: Fiction Status: Completed Company: Allfilm, Homberg Filmproduktion, Juonifilmi, Wide Eye Films

Tom, a wide-eyed sixteen year old ends up in a hospital with a chechen man Artur, after accidentally having saved his life in a car bomb explosion. Fascinated by this mysterious stranger, Tom helps him to escape from the hospital. Soon Tom finds himself an unwitting accomplice in a lethal game of vengeance and death. Read more »


Vasilisa Kozhina

Vasilisa Kozhina

Year: 2012 Genre: Drama Length: 108 minutes Country: Russia
Director: Type: Feature Status: Completed Company: Rws Studios

The Drama, Vasilisa Kozhina, is about the Patriotic War of 1812 as seen by an ordinary Russian woman. She has lost her loved ones and taken up arms to defend her country. The partisan unit headed by Vasilisa Kozhina consisted of women and teenagers and made daring attacks on the retreating French troops. Read more »


Version Vera

Versija Vera

Year: 2010 Genre: Documentary Length: 75 minutes Country: Latvia
Director: Ilona Bruver Type: Documentary Status: Completed Company: Kinolat

The film about Vera Mukhina is based on the diaries of the outstanding Riga born sculptress, on archive materials and black and white enacted sequences creating the atmosphere of the epoch. It is a sort of shorthand of the personality examining much more the personal feelings of the sculptress and representing her artistic perceptions manifested in Mukhina’s 20th century samples of sculpture rather than the political agenda of the epoch. The Film follows up the relationship of the artist with time that gives her an opportunity to work creatively and defined its rules. Read more »




Year: 2011 Genre: Fantasy, Musical Length: 82 minutes Country:
Director: Arshaluys Harutyunyan Type: Narrative Status: Completed Company: ASQ Cultural Center and National Cinema Center of Armenia

WANDERING depicts the curious tragedy of a historical injustice victim, a man living in Diaspora. Christianity, immortality of soul, human sins and trespasses, historical injustices, love and purification - these topics are the ideological basis of the film. WANDERING belongs to the farcical and tragicomic genre and is exceptional in its style. Read more »


Water, The

Suv Yokalab

Year: 2010 Genre: Drama Length: 80 minutes Country: Uzbekistan 
Director: Djakhongir Kasimov Type: Feature Status: Completed Company:

Everyone in the village tries to water his vegetable garden in the irriga- tion season because crops are a source of subsistence for him . Mirab – superintendent of canal water distribution O’rin – jaga does not allow anyone to come near the pond in the upper part of the vil- lage . He is ordered to water only crops of the chairman . Read more »


We Will Riot

We Will Riot

Year: 2013 Genre: Coming of Age Drama Length: 80 minutes Country: Lithuania
Director: Romas Zabarauskas Type: Status: Post production Company: Naratyvas

Luke is an up-and-coming DJ from an affluent New York family with a Lithuanian father and an African-American mother. When Luke hears from an estranged grandmother in Lithuania, he defies his parents and decides to visit this far-away country, flying straight to the capital city Vilnius. Read more »


What Became Of Us

Mitä Meistä Tuli

Year: 2009 Genre: Drama, Thriller Length: 128 minutes Country: Finland
Director: Miika Ullakko Type: Feature Status: Completed Company: Misty Friday Films

Have you ever wondered how your old schoolmates are? Perhaps the guy next to you, who is doing time in jail at the moment, still thinks you are his best and only friend. Perhaps your first crush might`ve been interested in you all these years but was too afraid to tell you that. Perhaps, if it were not too late already, the bullied one would`ve done everything differently. Read more »


When the Trees Are Falling

Koly payut derva

Year: 2013 Genre: Drama Length: Country: Ukraine
Director: Marysia Nikitiuk Type: Status: In development Company: Directory Film

Time stands still outside the edge of Ukrainian cities; it is eternal 90s, the period of post-Soviet destruction and audacity of the bandits. In the small Eastern town near Kharkiv begins the story of a young girl, Larysa, who desperately tries to escape from there, and her little cousin Vitka, who loves Larysa unconditionally. Larysa decides to run from home using the help of The Scar, the young bandit whom she loves; the destruction and unemployment had pushed The Scar down the criminal path. Read more »


When You Wake Up


Year: 2000 Genre: Road trip, family , drama Length: 100 minutes Country: Lithuania
Director: Ricardas Marcinkus Type: Feature Status: Completed Company: Litl Baz Pictures, Full Screen

The singer called Punk is no longer of much interest to anyone. After his brush with fame, it only took a few years of drugs and alcohol to reach rock bottom. After yet another small town concert, Punk ends up spending the night backstage, drunk and alone. When he opens his eyes in the morning, he sees a little girl, who introduces herself as his daughter. Two lost souls set out on a trip together – a trip which will not only change their lives, but will also bring them together to appreciate the joy it brings. Read more »

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