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Anna And Krukoljev

Anna And Krukoljev

Year: 2010 Genre: Length: 14 minutes Country: Estonia
Director: Ingrid Roose Type: Short Status: Completed Company: Tallinn University Baltic Film And Media School

Another Sky

Drugoe Nebo

Year: 2010 Genre: Drama Length: 86 minutes Country: Russia, Belarus
Director: Dmitriy Mamuliya Type: Feature Status: Completed Company: MetronomeFilms

The arid central Asian steppe. Ali and his son collect dead sheep. The boy misses his mother who has been out of touch since leaving for a better life in Moscow. Read more »




Year: 2015 Genre: Observational Length: 83 minutes Country: Estonia
Director: Vladimir Loginov Type: Documentary Status: Post production Company: Allfilm

ANTHILL is a portrait of a giant garage complex, located in the largest blockhouse area of Tallinn. Here 700 garage box owners form an extraordinary men's club, and vary from those who just keep their cars and those who adapt their boxes for living. The complex becomes even more unique with the existence of private saunas, a restaurant, an animal clinique and other artefacts of life stuck in time 20 years back. Read more »


August Fools

Mieletön elokuu

Year: 2013 Genre: Comedy Length: 100 minutes Country: Finland
Director: Taru Mäkelä Type: Status: Post production Company: Kinosto

Elsa (Kati Outinen), a middle-aged milliner and part-time clairvoyant runs a smartest little hat-shop in the heart of Helsinki 1962. She has total control of her life-until the man she once loved and lost suddenly reappears from the past – and from the dead. Read more »


Autumn Ball


Year: 2007 Genre: Length: 123 minutes Country: Estonia
Director: Veiko Õunpuu Type: Feature Status: Completed Company: Homeless Bob Production

How close can we get to others? Is it possible to live a life completely devoid of love? Can someone , who has experienced what a fragile state of affairs shared happiness is, trust another again? What can be said about life anyway? Some chosen moments from the life of six people living in a huge sprawling conurbation of tower blocks built during the soviet era. The gently stylised and indifferent world of "Autumn Ball" is steadily advancing towards winter and will not give any answers to these questions. What this world can demonstrate though is the possibility for laughter even there, where hope has long since become a sparse commodity. Read more »


Autumn Palette

Sügise palett

Year: 2011 Genre: Length: Country: Estonia
Director: Tatjana Borissova Type: Status: Completed Company: Tallinn University Baltic Film And Media School

Autumn Palette Read more »


A_Test Film

A_Test Film

Year: Genre: Length: Country:
Director: Type: Status: Completed Company:

Test Film Read more »


Backwood Philosopher

Havukka-Ahon Ajattelija

Year: 2009 Genre: Drama Length: 105 minutes Country: Finland
Director: Kari Väänänen Type: Feature Status: Completed Company: Matila Röhr Productions

The Backwood Philosopher is based on the classic novel by Veikko Huovinen with the same name. Konsta Pylkkänen (Kai Lehtinen) is an endlessly curious thinker by his character. He can unexpectedly go deep into solving the big and the small mysteries of the world, all the way from the job description of an inchworm to the dimensions of the space. Read more »

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