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Dance In The Desert

Šokis Dykumoje

Year: 2009 Genre: Documentary Length: 70 minutes Country: Lithuania
Director: Vytautas V. Landsbergis, Agne Marcinkeviciute Type: Documentary Status: Completed Company: Fralita Films

“Dance in the Desert“ – a documentary biographical Fflm, presenting the life, creative and social activity of a unique figure in contemporary literature in the Baltic States – writer Jurga Ivanauskaite. The story is based on the reconstruction of the most important moments from writer‘s life. The film will evoke witnesses from Jurga‘s surrounding, using visual and sonic archive material, as well as artistic creative elements, where the authetinc accessories are used. Read more »




Year: 2013 Genre: Ironic drama Length: Country: Latvia
Director: Laila Pakalnina Type: Status: In development Company: Hargla Company

This film is based on a Soviet propaganda story (most likely false) about Young Pioneer (Soviet equivalent to Boy Scouts) Morozov who denounced his father to Stalin’s secret police and was in turn killed by his family. His life exemplified the duty of all good Soviet citizens to become informers, even at the expense of family ties. In Soviet Union this story was a subject of many books, songs, plays, a symphonic poem, opera and also the basis of Bezhin Meadow, an unreleased film from 1937 that was directed by Sergei Eisenstein. Read more »




Year: 2000 Genre: Length: Country:
Director: Type: Status: Completed Company:

Delta Read more »




Year: 2012 Genre: Drama Length: 118 minutes Country: Estonia
Director: Ain Mäeots Type: Status: Completed Company: Kopli Kinokompanii

When Joko, Ants and Reeda, all in their own good reasons, first enter a casino, they can't possibly be aware of the very existence of the demons inside them. Soon enough, they will know. But then it is already too late and their lives are suddenly caught in a fatal vortex. Read more »


Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina

Year: 2010 Genre: Length: 13 minutes Country:
Director: Eik Tammemäe Type: Short Status: Completed Company: Tallinn University Baltic Film And Media School

The border between the good and the bad is bleary – everything depends on the point of view. God events a machine which would decide over the sinners and the saints, but since the God is uncapable to enter the meaning of the sin into the machine, he will go the Hell to get the meaning of the sin from the Devil. Devil decides that God himself has to make a sin to understand it. Read more »


Devil's Vaudeville

Saatana Vodevill

Year: 2010 Genre: Length: 20 minutes Country: Estonia
Director: Vallo Toomla Type: Short Status: Completed Company: Tallinn University Baltic Film And Media School

World-the best of all possible worlds. The Pastor who has lost his passion for life, has a visit by Stranger. Both men have lately lost their wifes. Read more »




Year: Genre: Length: Country:
Director: Type: Status: Completed Company: Alasti Kino OÜ

Distance Read more »


Dream Team 1935

Sapņu komanda 1935

Year: 2012 Genre: Length: 118 minutes Country: Latvia
Director: Aigars Grauba Type: Status: Completed Company: Platforma Film, Cinevilla Studio

Dream Team 1935 is a sports drama based upon true events. Read more »


Drifting Snow


Year: 2013 Genre: Drama Length: Country: Kyrgyzstan
Director: Aygul Bakanova Type: Status: In development Company: Oy Art

Saadat is a 37-year-old professional woman, who lives in downtown Bishkek with her two teenage children and a prosperous husband. She desperately tries to revive her decaying marriage with a third child but cannot conceive again. Distressed, Saadat loses herself at a bar with her friends, and returning at night, runs over a teenager on the street. This accident leads to a passionate romance with the 17-year-old Aman. Convinced that she is not fertile anymore, Saadat tries to re-live her youth with Aman. Read more »


Eastern Winds

Idatuuled vinguvad

Year: 2011 Genre: Length: 20 minutes Country: Estonia
Director: Raigo Saariste Type: Status: Completed Company: Tallinn University Baltic Film And Media School

Idatuuled vinguvad Read more »

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