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BE Projects 2014

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Blind Spot


Year: 2014 Genre: Psychological thriller Length: Country: Lithuania
Director: Ignas Jonynas Type: Feature Status: In development Company: Revoliucijos ideja

Jonas, a man in his fifties, is a scam artist, who impersonates a blind man, thereby seducing women in dances for middle-aged people. While maintaining his blind man persona, he is able to provide himself with decent living conditions. Once the producer, Remigijus, of the TV dance competition finds out all about the scam, he has a flashing idea to lure Jonas into his project; thus making a star out of him. Jonas becomes the leading contestant in the competition. Unfortunately, fame does not light up his life as the shadows of his past still haunt him, and it involves criminal activity. Read more »




Year: 2014 Genre: family drama Length: Country: Ukraine
Director: Olena Fetisova Type: Feature Status: In development Company: Interfilm Production Studio

With the recent revolutionary unrest in Ukraine as a backdrop, the main conflict of the film is centred on the leading characters swimming instructor Markovich and his son Vlad, IT pros and video game developer. While Markovich takes a patriotic position in the civil conflict, his son capitalizes on tragic events cynically using them in the plot of the new video game, which brings to Vlad success and so much desired well being. But interfering with the reality, the game fatally destroys them life of his family. Read more »

How Far is Europe is the common theme behind a new film project, which aims to promote a cinema emerging from a very particular cultural environment: the Moldovan cinema. Because of the double culture influencing the country and its position at the borders of the European Union, Moldova is one of the few places to experience in full size the clash between Eastern and Western values. Developed as an omnibus, the feature film will contain a collection of six stories, each with a different genre and style, but all on the same theme: how is the West perceived at the borders of the East or how far is Europe? Read more »


Impaled Rektum

Impaled Rektum

Year: 2014 Genre: Comedy Length: Country: Finland
Director: Jukka Vidgren, Juuso Laatio Type: Feature Status: In development Company: Making Movies Oy

A comedy about a young loser trying to overcome his stage fright and other fears by leading the worst heavy band of Finland, Impaled Rektum, to the hottest metal festival of Norway. The journey of Impaled Rektum includes metal music, vomiting, some interracial sex, fake vikings and the first ever armed conflict between Finland, Norway and NATO. Read more »


Kids from the East

Decka z vychody

Year: 2014 Genre: kids adventure drama (not tragedy!) Length: Country: Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia
Director: Aramisova Type: Feature Status: In development Company: cinédix

Kids from the East is a movie about children’s desire for adventure and the power of friendship, which develops by a common experience of danger. Our main hero, 10-year-old Sasha, is a member of a children gang of classmates operating at the local concrete housing estate. In order to keep pace with his friends in the gang, he must take part in all the illegal activities like stealing cigarettes from a newsstand, burning lanterns during a procession or wars with bricks at a construction site. Sasha’s parents perceive these adventures as rascality and they feel Sasha’s behaviour is out of control. As the last resort solution they separate him from his friends by sending him to a sanatorium in the mountains. There doctors find out Sasha is seriously ill during a regular check-up. Parents take Sasha immediately back home to the city hospital. Doctors are desperate and finally diagnose Sasha with blood cancer. Sasha is given 10 days of life. The only thing Sasha really wants is to be with his old friends from the gang. Sasha comes back home, but needs to go for regular checkups. After a couple of weeks the results of his medical tests are amazing and the doctors cannot explain why. They think Sasha was treated by a natural healer. Father explains he wasn’t and the doctors speak about a miracle. Nobody asked Sasha about the matter, though. Only he knows what has happened. Sasha just finally started having fun living his life. Read more »


Killer's Fee

Killer's Fee

Year: 2014 Genre: Thriller Length: Country: Sweden
Director: TBC Type: Feature Status: In development Company: Red Sister AB

Stockholm, 1972, the cold war is at its peak. An American spy, with a mission to kill a dangerous Russian General in hiding, accidentally befriends the young boy of the Russian family he is about to destroy. As the target approaches, the spy’s newly found conscience becomes not only a threat to the mission - but worst of all - to the little boy’s life. Read more »


Never Let It Go

Never Let It Go

Year: 2014 Genre: Drama Length: Country: Romania
Director: Paul Negoescu Type: Feature Status: In development Company: Papillon Film

Petru (38 years old) can’t get emotionally involved with any woman. He can rarely achieve an orgasm while having sex with Irina (his on and off girlfriend) and with most of the girls he loved, so he sleeps with other girls, most of them very young (18-22 years old), knowing he can’t get emotionally attached to them. One day Irina decides to break up with him, because she feels that the relationship leads nowhere. Petru starts living a short hedonic time, during which he sleeps with young girls and he will even try to convince Ioana (his highschool sweetheart) to sleep with him and to divorce her husband, until he finds out that Irina is pregnant with his child. He decides to propose to Irina, and she accepts with the condition that Petru changes his lifestyle and stops having affairs with young girls, a condition that he instantly accepts. After a while, during which it seems like he starts putting his life in order, Petru finds out that he’s going to have a baby girl. This troubles Petru, he is afraid that a girl will suffer because some jerks could treat her horrible in the future. Soon comes his bachelor party, where Petru ends up having violent sex with a prostitute who reminds him of his ex-girlfriend Ioana. The next day he gets married. Read more »




Year: 2014 Genre: drama thriller Length: Country: Sweden
Director: Jens Assur Type: Feature Status: In development Company: Film and Art Affairs

With increasing horror, a boy watches his father, a farmer, and despair over the circumstances. The meagre fields don’t yield enough, but the father, despite nearly going insane from the dreary toil on the farm, is possessed with the idea that the son must take over and carry on the legacy. The chain of generations of tormented small farmers must remain intact. The boy finds refuge with the birds. It’s Sweden, it’s Smaland, it’s a different 1970s. Ravens is a razor-sharp depiction of a boy’s anguish before the world and adult life. Read more »




Year: 2014 Genre: Drama Length: Country: Latvia
Director: Janis Nords Type: Feature Status: In development Company: Tasse Film

Didzis Kazocins (48), a respected school headmaster and businessman, in a matter of a month finds himself on a brink of total collapse. On the eve of his son’s graduation a court sentences him to prison term for bribery; former business partners resort to dirty tricks, and his wife threatens him with a divorce. A life cherished for two decades turns out to be less stable than a house of cards. To avoid prison and save the family, Didzis decides on a desperate and daring action: he will fake his own death and claim life insurance money to begin the life from scratch. Didzis manages to pull off a daredevil stunt to fool his woes at least for a while. However, a series of unfortunate events keep Didzis from leaving the country. The situation is soon complicated by the son Ingemars’ unexpectedly emotional reaction to the father’s death. Before long, suspicious policemen and former business partners start knocking on the door. Very soon after his “death” Didzis realizes that, instead of paradise, he’s ended up in hell. Read more »


The Eternal Road


Year: 2014 Genre: Drama Length: Country: Finland
Director: Aku Louhimies Type: Feature Status: In development Company: Matila Röhr Productions

Jussi Ketola lives a peaceful life with his family in a small farm in Finland. One night in the summer of 1930, the right wing thugs abduct him from his home and force him into their car. The unwanted journey begins along the Eternal Road towards Russia. Ketola faces execution, but manages to escape to Soviet Union. There the KGB recaptures him. KGB is lead by communist officer Kallonen who informs the Finnish authorities that Ketola has died. Kallonen tells Ketola that he has no way to return back to Finland and he gives Ketola a new identity. Since Ketola can’t return home, he builds up a new family in a collective farm. Gradually the pressure on all the foreign elements in the Soviet Russian society becomes violent. The people of the farm are seized. Kallonen shoots every member of Ketola’s new family before his eyes, and lets only Ketola live. When the time comes, Ketola starts a nearly impossible escape through the forests back to Finland. When Ketola arrives at his farm after eight years of absence, he sits down and tells his whole story to his wife. “How can we continue with our life from here?”, he asks. “We just pick up from where we left off”, she answers bluntly. Read more »

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