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BE Projects 2014

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The Polar Boy


Year: 2014 Genre: Drama, Coming-of-age, youth film Length: Country: Estonia
Director: Anu Aun Type: Feature Status: In development Company: Luxfilm

Mattias is a young talented photographer in his final year of secondary school, who has a dream to become a student of the Berlin Arts Academy. At the entrance exam, Mattias is told that perfect technical skill won’t get him into this school. He needs to find a way to put his soul into his pictures. While searching for his soul, Mattias falls in love with a wild red-haired beauty Hanna, who does not seem to take him seriously unless he proves to be just as adventurous and unpredictable as she is. Trying to win her heart, Mattias puts his whole future at risk. It’s only later that Mattias finds out, that Hanna’s daring actions and boldfaced behaviour are actually the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Soon it appears that his girlfriend’s illness also has a destructive downside. Saving Hanna from ruining herself, Mattias commits a crime that could put him behind bars for years. His only escape is to get himself declared irresponsible. In order to save himself Mattias decides to start faking the only mental illness he knows – bipolarity. Spending weeks of evaluation in Psychiatric Hospital, pretending to be someone he’s not helps Mattias to discover his true self and reflect it in his pictures. But now that his soul is in his photos, Mattias has to realize; it can no longer be with Hanna. Read more »


The Thirtieth Love

Tridcataja ljubov

Year: 2014 Genre: erotic drama Length: Country: Russia
Director: Angelina Nikonova Type: Feature Status: In development Company: Vita Aktiva

Moscow, 1983. Marina is a beautiful, rebellious, 30-year-old piano teacher. Her apartment is full of banned literature, her head is full of forbidden thoughts, her body is full of raw energy. All of the 29 love affairs in Marina’s experience had one thing in common – they all lacked true feelings. Her emotions in love life are as contradictory as her feelings toward her country. On one hand, Marina is a patriot, on the other – she hates Soviet regime. While talking about leaving her country, Marina never really pursues it. Her fate is defined by an unexpected one-night-stand with the Secretary of the Communist Party, Sergey, who is confident that the Communist regime will very soon take over the world. He is certain that his night-long passionate Soviet propaganda speech will transform Marina’s rebellious views. And when it doesn’t, he uses his manpower to put a spell. Once a talented pianist, Marina learns to handle the milling machine at the plant which Sergey runs, dissolving in a working-class crowd and in her thirtieth love. Read more »


The Wounded Beast

Rane zwierze

Year: 2014 Genre: Drama Length: Country: Poland
Director: Piotr Trzaskalski Type: Feature Status: In development Company: ADHD Warsaw

It’s winter. Agnieszka (33) drives to a house in the middle of the mountains. A house owned by Adam (60), her client. That night, she hears Adam reciting a children’s poem. Scared, she makes a run for it but is intercepted by two men coming to get her. She goes back, much to Adam’s surprise, who defends her and kills one of the men. The next dawn, Adam enters Agnieszka’s room, ties her up, and takes her away. He does not recognize her. While driving somewhere with Agnieszka in the back, he suddenly comes to and starts acting like himself. He informs Agnieszka that he is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. These episodes have made him realize that he does not want to live like this. He suggests to her that there is only one way out. The next day, Adam disappears. Agnieszka finally goes out looking for him and finds him half-frozen, having an episode not far from the house. A few days later Jedrzej, Agnieszka’s ex-boyfriend and current pimp, arrives. He recognizes Adam upon meeting him - Adam was once a big-time gangster. Jedrzej tries to kill Adam, but Adam tackles him and ties him up. Adam convinces Agnieszka that she must run away. Agnieszka agrees. After Agnieszka leaves, Adam has an episode of memory loss. He finds Jedrzej tied up in the bedroom and unties him. Jedrzej attacks the confused Adam and walks him outside. The only thing that saves Adam from certain death is Agnieszka coming back. In order to save Adam, she kills Jedrzej. She wants to be with Adam, but Adam does not agree. His way of ending his life is no one’s business but his. Agnieszka leaves alone. Adam stays, ready to die. As he gets dressed and takes a bottle of vodka to take out onto a nearby hill… he forgets who and where he is. Read more »

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