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Drifting Snow

Drifting Snow
  • Synopsis
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Saadat is a 37-year-old professional woman, who lives in downtown Bishkek with her two teenage children and a prosperous husband. She desperately tries to revive her decaying marriage with a third child but cannot conceive again.
Distressed, Saadat loses herself at a bar with her friends, and returning at night, runs over a teenager on the street. This accident leads to a passionate romance with the 17-year-old Aman. Convinced that she is not fertile anymore, Saadat tries to re-live her youth with Aman.
To her surprise they both begin to fall in love, despite the large difference in their ages, and the furtive nature of their affair. Soon Saadat finds out that she is pregnant and
everything has to change.

Director’s note:
I am drawn to tell the story of a woman searching for meaning in her life as she approaches her late 30s. The story is set in modern Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, which has achieved a fragile independence since the collapse of the Soviet Union. It is a traditional society, with a muted but present Muslim character, in which the young generation is pursuing Western aspirations of prosperity and consumer acquisition, while retaining older values concerning women, fertility, family, and sexuality.
My heroine, Saadat, married traditionally early and now, after 16 years of marriage, is faced with a disintegrating family and a growing sense of ennui. For the first time in her life she tries to be true to herself, while her path is obscured by cultural and social roles, and masks. Not able to conceive again, Saadat questions the future of her marriage, and her own future. By pursuing a risky relationship with the teenage Aman, Saadat battles her emotional death, and by discovering her sexuality she unearths herself, her long- forgotten dreams, and her desires.


Budget: 500 000 EUR
Financing in place: TBA
Partners attached: -
Goals at BE: looking for Russian co-producer, sales agent

Director bio:
Aygul Bakanova was born in 1982 and grew up in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. She earned her BA in International Journalism, before continuing her studies in Moscow, specializing in script writing for television. She embarked on a career writing for Russia’s biggest television stations.
After 4 years of experience in Moscow, Aygul started the MA Filmmaking course at the London Film School. During the course she wrote and directed several short films and a documentary. For her graduation project Aygul wrote, directed and co-produced a short story set in rural Kyrgyzstan. The film was premiered in the International Competition of Locarno Film Festival and has been screened at various film festivals around the world, including Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival.
Aygul is currently developing her first feature project with the support of the Cannes Residence Program, which is a family drama of a young woman coming to terms with a stale marriage set against the complex backdrop of modern Kyrgyz society.

Producer bio
In 2004, Altynai Koichumanova graduated from American University in Central Asia, Economics faculty, in Kyrgyzstan and in 2006 she successfully attended a Produire au Sud workshop for young film producers in France. Since 2004 and till present she is working as Managing Director and producer in Oy Art. She has produced 11 films, including award-winning The Light Thief by Aktan Arym Kubat. Besides film production, Altynai Koichumanova also manages socially-oriented film projects, such as educational projects for young filmmakers, and organizes the film festival of Central Asian art-house films every two years.

Production companies

Oy Art

Oy Art

1, Dinara Asanova st.,

Tel. + 996 775 983 090

Altynai Koichumanova / Producer

Production information

Director: Aygul Bakanova
Producers: Altynai Koichumanova
Production: Oy Art
Scriptwriters: Aygul Bakanova
Year: 2013
Original languages: Russian
Genres: Drama

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