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Dream Team 1935
Sapņu komanda 1935

Dream Team 1935
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Dream Team 1935 is a sports drama based upon true events. In the 1920s basketball was just getting known in Europe. But to attract more public attention and to prepare for the 1936 Olympics, which would include basketball for the first time as a competitive sport, FIBA, the International Basketball Federation in Geneva arranged a “dress- rehearsal” competition – the first European Basketball Championship, called EuroBasket 1935.
Meanwhile, in Latvia there was a core of dedicated and active basket- ball players. Coach Valdemars Baumanis was confident Latvia could assemble a competitive team to play in Geneva, but he had to over- come numerous hurdles, not the least being the Latvian Sports Com- mittee who felt that any idea of Latvia playing in the games was pure fantasy. The road to Geneva for coach Baumanis and his team was not easy and even when they got there many had neither heard of Latvia or thought it would be incredulous that such a small unknown country could assemble any kind of team, let alone a competitive one. Dream Team 1935 – their game made them a team – their spirit made them champions. An amazing heart-warming true story of impossible odds, improbable heroes and an incredible moment in history.
Aigars Grauba has directed five feature films, which have been screened in internatonal festivals and been successful domestivcally. Filmography: Courage to Kill (1993), Dangerous Summer (2000), De- fenders of Riga (2007), Rudolf’s Gold (2010), Dream Team 1935 (2012)

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Production information

Director: Aigars Grauba
Producers: Andrejs Ekis
Cast: Janis Amanis
Production: Platforma Film
Cinevilla Studio
Scriptwriters: Aigars Grauba
Andrejs Ekis
Cinematographers: Imants Zakitis
Gvido Skulte
Editors: Liga Pipare
Duration: 118 min
Format: DCP, 1:2.35, Dolby Digital
Year: 2012

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