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Cherry Tobacco


Year: 2000 Genre: Youth drama Length: 93 minutes Country: Estonia
Director: Andres Maimik, Katrin Maimik Type: Feature Status: Completed Company: Kuukulgur Film

Cherry Tobacco is about a small-town girl, Laura, who is constantly bored. Her mother gets on her nerves, boys her age are stupid and everything anyone wants to do seems childish. One day Laura’s energetic friend Merit invites her on a hike to a bog led by a middle-aged nature-lover called Joosep. The beginning of the trip is anything but promising: the relation- ship between the reserved girl and the outgoing Joosep, who tries to impress the hiking party with his hillbilly style and bizarre rituals, becomes tense. But much to her own surprise, Laura discovers that as the hike continues she is enchanted by the rugged charms of Joosep. The quest is coming to its irrefutable end and Laura has to decide whether a relationship with an older man is a mere step along the winding road towards becoming a woman or whether it is her very first love. Read more »


Landscape with Many Moons

Maastik mitme kuuga

Year: 2000 Genre: Length: 80 minutes Country: Estonia, Finland
Director: Jaan Toomik Type: Feature Status: Completed Company: Allfilm, Making Movies Oy

Landscape with Many Moons is a drama about a middle-aged man who lives a seemingly ordinary life with his wife and children. The truth is, however, that their relationship has reached a dead end but they prefer the illusory decorations of living together to the free fall into emptiness. The man gallivants around between his previous and current relationships without knowing exactly what to do with them. Living on the edge starts to overburden his nervous system and as a result, actual reality and dream-like reality blend together and it becomes ever harder to distinguish between what is real and what is not. Landscape with Many Moons portrays the explosive state right before going mad when the person cannot get into contact with life anymore. The film, however, is in no way depressing and the absurd situations, deviations from reality and surprising transitions offer comic recognition. Read more »




Year: 2000 Genre: Drama Length: 98 minutes Country: Germany, Latvia, Greece
Director: Juris Kursietis Type: Feature Status: Completed Company: Red Dot Media (Latvia), Sutor Kolonko (Germany), Boo Prouctions (Greece)

Modris is a normal 17-year-old with a girlfriend and some good pals at school. But his addiction to gambling makes his relationship with his mother difficult, especially since she keeps on reminding him that his father is in prison - so Modris must have inherited his bad genes. Things come to a head in the middle of the Nordic winter when Modris pawns his mother’s electric heater so he can play the slot machines. She betrays him to the police, and as he begins his adventures in the Latvian justice system, his relationship to the outside world changes. Soon Modris becomes determined to find the father he never knew. Read more »


Non Present Time

Nesamasis Laikas

Year: 2000 Genre: Fiction Length: 85 minutes Country: Lithuania
Director: Mykolas Vildžiūnas Type: Feature Status: Completed Company: Just a Moment

Non Present Time tells a story of a young man’s confusion in present times. The protagonist Tadas (30) is looking for answers to questions that are relevant to many of his peers, coming of age in between nostalgic socialist childhood dreams and the ideals pushed by a young rushing democracy. Tadas is in a troubled relationship with his wife, a reserved one with his parents, and his relationship with friends…? There just isn’t any. His life is fast-paced, with a joint of weed being his only option to relax. There is no way out from the rut but down until one day Tadas drives off the road on his way to another business trip. He is put to the hospital, where time stops for him. Doctors aren’t telling what’s wrong with him, his parents look worried and on top of that, a childhood friend he hasn’t seen in ages shows up out of the blue sky. Read more »


Oki - in the Middle of the Ocean

Oki - in the Middle of the Ocean

Year: 2000 Genre: Drama, Mystery Length: 82 minutes Country: Latvia
Director: Maris Martinsons Type: Feature Status: Completed Company: Krukfilms, VFS films, Backyard Productions

Rob, a former real estate broker, unemployed, starts following a strange Japanese woman, Oki, who constantly moves from house to house. He drags his roommate Wylie into the investigation during which they have to face the dark past and curse of Oki, while dealing with the history of their own. Read more »


Rocks in My Pockets

Akmeni manas kabatas

Year: 2000 Genre: Length: Country:
Director: Signe Baumane Type: Status: Completed Company:

Latvia, the late 1920’s. Anna, a young woman, pretty and educated, falls in love with an adventurous entrepreneur, 30 years her senior. But with marriage comes great jealousy, and the entrepreneur hides Anna away in the forest, far from other men, where she bears him eight children. The Great Depression hits them hard. Then Latvia is overrun with invasions by the Soviets, then the Nazis, then the Soviets once again. Anna is a pillar of strength, defying the hardships, raising her young, teaching them survival secrets of the forest. But something inside her is terribly wrong. Years later, Signe, a young artist, asks her father, “how did my grandmother die?” Her father is evasive. His seven siblings are evasive, as well. Signe strongly suspects that Anna committed suicide. Clues of mental illness had always leaked through the family stories. Signe suffers from depression herself. Her suicidal fantasies get her locked away for four months in a Soviet mental institute. Three of her cousins, all women, battle madness, as well. Could there be a link between Anna and the four granddaughters? Defying the stigma that silences so many, Signe takes us on a journey deep into her own depression where she looks to confront the family demons. Read more »


The Man in the Orange Jacket

The Man in the Orange Jacket

Year: 2000 Genre: Mystery, horror , thriller Length: 71 minutes Country: Latvia
Director: Aik Karapetian Type: Feature Status: Completed Company: Locomotive Productions, Jarve Studio

A young man gets fired and begins to stalk his boss and his young wife. After blood chilling turn of events he tries to escape his past and move into their luxurious mansion. Nothing can prepare him for an unsettling visit by a vaguely familiar guest. The house will not be a safe haven anymore, but becomes a twisted and dangerous trap. Read more »


When You Wake Up


Year: 2000 Genre: Road trip, family , drama Length: 100 minutes Country: Lithuania
Director: Ricardas Marcinkus Type: Feature Status: Completed Company: Litl Baz Pictures, Full Screen

The singer called Punk is no longer of much interest to anyone. After his brush with fame, it only took a few years of drugs and alcohol to reach rock bottom. After yet another small town concert, Punk ends up spending the night backstage, drunk and alone. When he opens his eyes in the morning, he sees a little girl, who introduces herself as his daughter. Two lost souls set out on a trip together – a trip which will not only change their lives, but will also bring them together to appreciate the joy it brings. Read more »

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