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Generous genre - the big business of genre films


In recent year genre films have re-emerged as the new “big thing” both creatively and for business. The panel brings together the top talents of genre world - Colin Geddes of Toronto Film Fest’s legendary Midnight Madness, producer Todd Brown of XYZ films, and genre market head J Thomas Nam, - to show how independent or smaller filmmakers, exhibitors and festival managers can make the magic happen through clever management of remake rights, cutting edge festival and audience building tactics, or even specialized genre markets.


Historically genre cinema has been considered non-serious and niche product. However recent years have seen several tremendous success cases of genre films crossing festival and audience boundaries (Bedevilled, Snowtown, Cold Fish) or achieved great box office and adaption success (The Raid).

 Furthermore, due to lower production costs and shorter development times, genre films have proven to be lucrative investment and co-production possibility, and provide continuous business activity perspective for producers and financiers alike.


Todd BROWN (XYZ Pictures-Twitchfilm, USA) is a producer at XYZ films and founder and editor of, one of the more unique film sites out there as it mostly pays attention to the independent, cult, foreign and cool genre films that aren’t being discussed a hundred times on other sites. Most recently Indonesian horror film “THE RAID”, produced by Brown and his XYZ colleagues has achieved worldwide distribution by Sony as well as sold remake rights to Hollywood.

 Colin GEDDES (Toronto Film Festival, Canada) is Canadian film producer and the programmer of Toronto International Film Festival’s infamous and trend setting Midnight Madness section, considered to be the premiere screening platform for horror and genre films.

 J Thomas NAM (NAFF, South-Korea) is the Managing Director of Network of Asian Fantastic Films (NAFF). NAFF is Asia’s exclusive networking and co-production event aimed at genre cinema and along with its IT Project market and Fantastic Film School is headed by Thomas NAM. The IT Project market this year selected 15 projects from eight countries out of 74 projects from 21 different countries in Asia, the Americas and Europe. Thomas NAM also previously worked at Korea’s leading genre film festival PiFAN. 

Moderated by Kalle Kinnunen (Suomen Kuvalehti, Night Visions, Finland)


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