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Industry leaders discuss the state of fest biz at Industry @ Tallinn Film Festival's Confab


To celebrate the inauguration of Black Nights Film Festival as the 15th FIAPF certified competitive feature film festival, and following the highly successful and resonating pilot of 2013, the Industry @ Tallinn Film Festivals Confab returns. Organized in partnership with Independent Cinema Office (UK) the leaders of the international film festival circuit discuss the hottest topics in the festival biz of 2014 such as the relationship between programming and (government) censorship, freshest sponsorship and fundraising statistics, and the role of fests in creative economy.

Industry @ Tallinn Film Festival Confab 2014

presented in collaboration with the Independent Cinema Office (London, UK)


During the last decade the role of film festivals has changed drastically from showcases of national cinema, to sites of international business in production, sales and development of new talents and film. More recently film festivals have yet again reemerged as sites of creative industries joining the celebration of film art with a diverse range of creative and business activities from design, music, economic regeneration to tourism and more.
To celebrate the inauguration of Black Nights Film Festival as the 15th FIAPF certified non-competitive feature film festival, and following the highly successful pilot of 2013, the Industry @ Tallinn Film Festivals Confab returns again.  Presenting an inspirational selection of the movers and shakers of the international film festival circuit we will be discussing the hottest topics in the festival biz of 2014. In Cooperation with UK’s Independent Cinema Office, the national organisation for the development and support of independent film exhibition, with a longstanding experience in festival training, the Confab not only yields a possibility to network with industry leaders, but also provides an inspirational learning opportunity for festival and creative business practitioners alike.
The Confab 2014 panels include:
Programming Festivals: Collaborating, Competition and Identity 
With more and more film festivals emerging on the “fest circuit” the competition between international players has increased drastically. Discover how to maintain your position in the “premiere” race yet maintain the identity of your festival.
Listen to celebrated programming directors discuss the hottest topics on the programming agenda for 2014, from their strategies for programming in the race for premieres to the complex relationship between festivals and censorship.
Festivals and Sponsorships: From  patronage to creative partnerships. 
The relationship of film festivals and sponsorships has changed considerably over the past decade from patronage and promotion showcases to creative partnerships with the festival’s corporate and public partners.
What are the expectations of today’s corporate financiers and what do film festivals have to offer? 
Hear from marketing and sponsorship executives from world renowned film festivals discussing their cutting edge strategies, and giving tips on establishing effective fundraising partnerships.
The New Role of the Film Festival: Facilitator and Integrator at the Heart of a New Economy for the Independent Film Scene
Should film festivals become industry facilitators and integrators – bringing their marketing, sponsorship and funding partners into a relationship with production, post-production and distribution, and thereby placing themselves at the heart of a new economy for the independent film scene?
How can a film festival position itself as a leading facilitator at the heart of the global film economy – from local to international brands, facilities houses and investors etc. to filmmakers, distributors and exhibitors – working together to further each others’ aims, and help get films made and screened through mutually beneficial partnerships, all bound together by the festival’s unique, culturally significant identity?
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