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Industry@Tallinn set the region’s business in motion between Asia and USA


The five days of Industry @Tallinn and Baltic Event co-production market as part of the Black Nights film festival set business in motion between Asia and US with more that 450 film professionals engaging in the industry activities. During the event Estonian Film Institute and Korean Film Council signed a historical memorandum of mutual understanding with the hope of boosting co-production and collaboration between the territories.


A key emphasis was dedicated to festival programmers’ talks resulting in new strategies of festival programming and management. The panels and workshops discussing various topics from demands of premieres, the role of genre events, and the pressing issue of increasing number of films at “mega festivals” included high profile film professionals of all major international film festivals like Cannes, Venice, Toronto, Pusan, Sitges, Puchon, Karlovy Vary, Fantastic Zagreb and Nippon Connection to name a few.
“A highly successful Industry@Tallinn demonstrated a strong synergy between the regional producers forum of Baltic Event and the new trends and territories articulated by the Black Nights Industry Talks forum. The unique and diverse selection of participants networking filmmakers with their peers from festival leaders to transmedia specialists creates new energy and collaboration possibilities that are increasingly needed in today’s oversaturated event space. Thus the Black Nights provides a perfect opportunity at the end of festival cycle to wrap up the year and get new ideas going”, comments Sten-Kristian Saluveer, Black Nights Industry Director.
Industry @ Tallinn returns in November 2014.


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